This is an alternative form of landscaping that uses creative design techniques to help conserve water. Xeriscaping will result in your yard requiring not only less water but also maintenance, fertilizer, and pest control than traditional landscaping styles. Due to pesticides and fertilizers inadvertently harming beneficial organisms, as well as impacting your quality of air and water, reducing use of them is ideal. It helps your pocketbook and the environment all at the same time! The best part about xeriscapes is that it's not limited to a certain style or look. We aren't restricted to using dry landscape pieces such as rocks or cactus, however in the appropriate setting that can be very beautiful. Xeriscaping is a landscaping style that saves money by using water smarts, but it can maintain the same traditional style landscaping if you desire.

Why is Xeriscaping ideal?

Austin's limited supply of water is contingent on what seems to be ever increasing demands. Choosing to go with Xeriscaping results in immediate cost savings through lowered water bills, as well as reducing the amount of plant trimmings. Plant trimmings must be disposed of or otherwise managed which also uses time and resources. A reduction in plant trimmings reduces the amount of labor needed to maintain a landscape. The lower Colorado River basin is currently in it's seventh year of a severe drought. Lake Travis and Buchanan are the region's major water reservoirs, providing water for more than a million people, businesses, industries, agriculture, and the environment throughout the lower Colorado River basin. The two lakes are at 37% of capacity this year and have a chance at reaching an all time low this summer if the intense drought conditions continue. So anything that anyone in this are can do to make an effort at impact is deeply appreciated by the community and the earth.