Patios with Kitchens & Fireplaces

Austin Patio LandscapingWant to boost the value of your home? Add a patio. Not only does a patio expand the living and entertainment space of your home, it can also add real value to your home's bottom line. A well-built and maintained patio is a natural extension of your home’s ground floor. It creates an enticing outdoor space to relax, gather with loved ones, entertain guests and enjoy a good meal, book or conversation. We crave open air and space. We want and need that essential connection to nature. Creating or transforming your patio into an outdoor room is the perfect way to seamlessly blend form and function in your Austin backyard. A great way to infuse your outdoor space with interior comfort is to add functional elements like fireplaces and outdoors kitchens. The kitchen is a natural gathering place within a home, so adding features like stone fireplaces, food preparation areas and outdoor grilling spaces is a natural extension for guests and family.

Patios with Outdoor Kitchens

Austin Outdoor Kitchens If you have a larger backyard, it's easy to create a more expansive patio space against your home. A larger patio allows you to do more practically with your backyard, since it serves as a sort of hub for outdoor furniture. Adding a set of outdoor chairs, tables or even an entire bench shouldn’t be an issue for large patios with outdoor kitchens. Some people opt to add a fully equipped outdoor kitchen to their patio. In this case, it is important to decide on a practical layout that will make the space easy to work in. Most outdoor kitchens are smaller than your traditional interior kitchen. Therefore, creating an efficient outdoor kitchen layout where everything you need is just a few steps away shouldn’t be a problem. Our Austin landscape designers and architects can help you design an ideal outdoor kitchen that fits your lifestyle. We work closely with our clients to truly understand their needs and create an outdoor kitchen space that is both beautiful and functional.

Patios with Outdoor Fireplaces or Fire Pits

Outdoor-Kitchen-Fireplace-Patio-AustinAnother great addition to your patio is a fireplace or fire pit. Not only do patios with fireplaces add a cozy ambiance and an inviting allure, they also add quite a lot of value to a home. Outdoor fireplaces easily sit near or on a patio. Some designs actually place the fireplace at one side of the patio, allowing for furniture to reside nearby, giving family and friends a great place congregate and literally “sit around the fire”. Other designs create a glowing focal point with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit at the center. Fire pits also make a good choice for 'outdoor heating.' While they install easily on a patio, they also make attractive backyard centerpieces. They work incredibly well as 'natural' grills or stoves for the barbeque season too. Which let’s face it, in Austin, is basically year-round. Outdoor fireplaces come in gas and wood-burning forms. Gas fireplaces do cost more than wood-burning ones. The price is also affected by how far you'll have to situate the gas line away from your home. If price is an issue, your best option would be to install a wood-burning outdoor fireplace on or near your patio.

Designing the Area around your Outdoor Kitchen

Deciding if you want a free standing outdoor fireplace or a built-in one is another consideration when designing your outdoor living space. Think about how you want to use the fireplace. If you're looking to build an entire outdoor kitchen area, perhaps a built-in fireplace will work better than a free-standing one. Typically, free-standing fire pits or fireplaces work best for those who want a 'hang out' zone right in their backyard. No matter what you choose, adding an outdoor fireplace or an outdoor kitchen is a big project that requires proper planning. For help planning your outdoor kitchen or landscape, contact Greenscapes Landscaping & Pools today to request a consultation and get a quote. Call (512) 263-3669 or simply fill out our consultation request form.